Sunday, May 21, 2006

Note from Webmaster

A few weeks has passed now and Eric hasn't been in contact!! The people at one_little_man central are getting a little worried to his whereabouts, so if you know where he is or know someone he is staying with, could you drop us an email at just to say he is ok, and a search party does not need to be sent!!
Thank you

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More adventures in London!!

Wednesday 3rd May
Hi again, well today I arrived at Charlotte's house and we had great fun shopping at Ikea, she even let me drive her car!! It was quite cool as I went with George too who I already knew. We had some lunch in the cafe there, but someone stole my drink, which wasn't very nice.

In the afternoon we went to London Zoo. Charlotte had to meet a tutor so I had a look round and found this really strange looking pig with a beard!! That evening I met Charlotte's boyfriend Chad, who thought I was cool because I had blue hair.

Thursday 4th May
Today Charlotte, George and me went to Oxford Street. I seem to be doing a lot of shopping lately. George went to have her hair done at the Toni & Guy academy so I helped Charlotte shop for a dress for a wedding. It was fun as we went to all the big shops and eventually got this lovely dress from Warehouse! Unfortunately they didn't do anything small enough for me in any of the shops, they really need to do more things for little people. We spent the rest of the day just relaxing in the sun and eating subway sandwiches, yummy!!

Friday 5th May
We got up late today and had to spend the whole day in the Royal Vet College. Was ok but the first part of the day was quite boring as there was a man telling me how to use a laboratory safely. He was very serious! We went to have lunch in the afternoon which was really funny as George ate a chilli and had to drink half of Charlotte's drink as her mouth was burning off!! He He. In the afternoon we went to a careers meeting. It was better than in the morning as they gave us loads of mini pastries. I felt really sick later on though and had to spend the evening sleeping it off!!

Saturday 6th May
I went to a garden centre today, well lots actually. Chad wanted to buy some plants and a big tub to put them in so we had to look at everything. It was good though as we managed to get a tub for free as the checkout man didn't scan it! I told Chad to run quickly so we did and managed to get away with it! In the evening I was playing with one of Charlotte's cats, Condor. Condor is really cool but slightly mad as he decided to wave his head near a candle and singed his fur!! Luckily he was ok but Charlotte put all the nice candles away after that.

Oh well off on my travels again

Bye xx

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Adventures in London

Here's what I have been getting up to in London, the Capital of the UK!!

Tuesday 25th April
Ok, well I arrived in Camden Town, London early this afternoon and met George, who I was staying with and Charlotte - George's friend. We didn't do much that afternoon as I was just settling in, but I did help George and Charlotte revise for their problem solving exam the next day. They both study veterinary science, so one of the things I learnt about was the infectious disease leishmania which is a vector borne disease carried by sandflies with the final host being a dog, or at times humans - so I was about to write about this in the exam the day after.

Wednesday 26th April
I got up early for some last minute revision and then went to the exam with George and Charlotte. I tried my best, but the exam was impossible, so I left George to it as she knew more answers than me.
That afternoon I went to Charlotte's and met her cats Condor and Chaika. We then all had Chinese for lunch before having another afternoon of revision.

Thursday 27th April
Today I sat the essay paper exam - not sure if I will get credit for doing these exams seeing as I am not actually part of RVC, but it was an experience anyway!!
In the afternoon I went back to Charlotte's and watched tv for the most part - then I had a meeting about bird flu at RVC and got to have a look at a government disease mapping program which was interesting.

Friday 28th April Today I helped the builders outside the flats erect their scaffolding in order for them to put new double glazed window in - here I am helping!!.

Saturday 29th April
I went into Camden and Oxford Street to do a bit of shopping and came home with lots of new clothes from Mango!! Ooh I also got a new hairdoo too...

Sunday 30th April

Had a nice lie in and then met Su, one of George's flatmates as she came back to London that day. It was then time for a bit of pampering and a fake tan was applied before watching the OC and generally slobbing!!

Another update coming very soon!!

Eric xx

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006



I am on my way to London at this very moment!! I am so excited about meeting lots of people, and I have never been to a big city before, and this is the largest one in the UK!! Will post more when I arrive.
Speak soon

Eric xx

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Few things


I've been setting up more of my website today, and getting things ready for my big trip around the world.

Promoting my website

Whether you want more people to know about what I am doing and to show your friends this website, or just want a link so you can see where I am and what exciting adventures I am having, why don't you add my link to your website!! All you have to do is copy the code below into your website template, and you will have your very own link to my website:-

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Other Stuff

Today I have been out and about in Woodbridge UK, meeting and greeting in this sleepy little village. My real adventure starts on Friday, I had to postpone the date a couple of days as I haven't quite packed everything I want yet, which is what I really should be doing now!! I will leave you with a little picture from my big day out. Stay tuned for more updates on my adventures in the next few days.

Eric xx

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Start of the Journey


I would like to introduce myself. I am Eric the Little Blue-Haired Man. I have been given a mission to travel around Earth and experience all the delights and pleasures it may hold. Every couple of days I will move onto a different part of the globe, to a new family who will take care of me for a while and show me what is so amazing about their tiny niche of our planet. I will then update this journal to tell everybody about what I have been up to and who I have met. So if you bookmark this webbie address, you can log on everyday and catch up on what I have been getting up to. Also you can leave me a comment and I will be sure to reply wherever I may be!!
Tomorrow I start my journey in sunny Norfolk in the UK, but for tonight I need some sleep!!
Until tomorrow my friends...

Eric x